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Whether you're a seasoned triathlete, a weekend trail runner, a time-crunched cyclist, or you're looking to complete your very first 5km run, every TriNav athlete receives a monthly training plan tailored to their needs. We specialize in runners, bikers, swimmers, triathletes and duathletes, and after discussing your goals and expectations during an initial consultation, our certified coach will handcraft a training schedule that suites your lifestyle and sporting objectives. We offer 3 tiers of coaching support - check out the descriptions below to find the package that works best for you!

Level 1

$80 / month

The Level 1 coaching package is ideal for athletes that have a high level of accountability, along with some familiarity with endurance training. Interactions with your coach will be on a monthly basis, so this plan is perfect for athletes simply looking to receive and execute a structured training schedule.


You'll receive a basic TrainingPeaks athlete account, which will allow the coach to prescribe your workouts and observe your performance in each session. General nutrition and fueling strategies will be provided, along with suggestions for strength training and recovery activities.

Level 2

$125 / month

For the majority of athletes, whether you're a newbie or a veteran, the

Level 2 package provides an excellent balance of training plan specificity and coach-athlete communication. A basic TrainingPeaks account is included for athletes in Level 2, and a sport-specific strength training plan will be provided along with the monthly workout schedule.


The Level 2 plan is highly suggested for new athletes - your body will react and adapt to training very quickly, so frequent communication with your coach will ensure the prescribed training continues to challenge you!

Level 3

$200 / month

For athletes seriously interested in improving their performance, the Level 3 package provides the highest level of supervision and guidance offered by TriNav Training. You'll have ongoing support and communication with your coach, and will receive detailed nutrition and strength training strategies to supplement your training schedule. Athletes with Level 3 coaching also receive a premium TrainingPeaks account, and will have access to a complimentary 1-on-1 coaching session each month.

Level 3 is suitable for all athletes: you don't need to be fast, experienced or elite. You need to be committed to the process of continual improvement. 


Ready To Begin?

If you have more questions about any of the coaching services we offer, feel free to send your questions to our coach via email. Or if you've identified which package is right for you, send an email or use the online booking tool below to schedule your initial consultation!



Cory Fraser

As an NCCP Certified Triathlon Competition Development Coach, Cory loves applying his passion for health and fitness while sharing his knowledge with athletes. With over a decade of experience as an athlete in competitive sport, Cory has since spent the past 5 years as part of the coaching staff with Ottawa's Bytown Storm Triathlon Club, being mentored by Greg Kealey, the Provincial Development Coach for Ontario. Throughout this time, Cory has worked extensively with youth, junior, and U23 athlete's, developing a coaching philosophy honed to address the key pillars of athletic performance: tactical, technical, emotional, and physical. 


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I'm eager to hear about your goals, to share my passion for sport, and to discuss how I can contribute to your development as an athlete. Feel free to give me a shout if your have any questions, or if you're ready to begin working with a coach!

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